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Tips for a Curb Appealing Home

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015

These are a few tips to make your home look updated and crisp!

Dress up your mailbox 

Plant eye-popping flowers around your mailbox. I would suggest a flower or plant that can be in the sun for several hours such as:

Purple Coneflower, Blanket Flower, Daylily, Asters, Shasta Daisy and Coreposis.

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Pictures from: pinterest.com                            plantguide.lowes.com

Pick a fun color to paint your door.

Changing the color of your door will give your porch an enthusiastic new look. This project is ideal for a budget and takes a few hours to accomplish. For instance, painting a white door (balance, neutral, calm) to a shade of blue (trust, dependable, strength) adds fun and a BIG pop of color in an unexpected way.

You can find your color match at the following website:


Update windows and shutters.

Repainting your shutters using the same paint as you used on your door. This is another great money saving project and is done in one afternoon! Replacing windows can be costly but yet effective. In the long run, they will make your home more energy efficient.


Picture from: pinterest.com

Stain a cement walkway.

Staining your concrete makes your yard look polished. This task is somewhat time consuming. First, you must prep the area by removing all furniture, plants and other items. Scrap and sweep all trash off concrete. After cleaning, allow to dry for 24 hours. Apply the stain of your choice. It is better to do this on a cloudy day. If you choose to do this on a sunny day, the stain will dry fast and you will not have time to blend your strokes. More instructions should be on the can of stain. Stain should be dry to the touch in four hours. Take care of the stain by lifting objects instead of scooting across the concrete. (Stain will scratch off) Lastly, replace all your furniture and plants!


Picture from: concretemiracles.com


Make the front door your focal point.

Draw people to your front door by boardering your walkway with flower and bushes. Solar lights are another great way to save energy and lead family and guests safely to the door


Use Accessories.

There are tons of outdoor accessories. Don’t be afraid to decorate your porch. Putting a wreath on your door adds personalization to your home. Also, plant flowers in some funky/classic pots.


Picture from : www.detailbrokers.com

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  1. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing all these tips. This is really helpful.


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