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Are You Ready to Own Your Own Home?

Posted by on Oct 28, 2013

Are you buying a new home in the Nashville area? I can help. Purchasing a home is a stressful event for most people. However, with a bit of planning ahead of time, it isn’t very difficult. I like to give buyers an overview of the entire deal so they know exactly what to expect. Here are my nine steps to buying a home. Step 1 – Prepare to buy a home Before you begin searching for a home, there are plenty of things you should consider. When you begin your search, you’ll probably want to assemble a check list of items you need, get a feeling for what school districts you’d like to live in, and begin working on your budget. Keeping your mortgage payment less than or close to 1/3 of your net monthly income is a good rule to adhere to. Step 2 – Talk to a real estate agent in Nashville This is where I come in. I’ll plan a time to get together so we can talk about why you want to buy a home and get an idea of your future plans. We’ll discuss neighborhoods, schools in the Nashville area, the mortgage industry, and any additional economic factors that could affect your purchase today or in the future. I’ll also assist you with getting started on your loan. There are some great mortgage professionals in Nashville, and I partner with a lot of them, so you’re in great hands. They’ll help you figure out which type of loan is best for you, as well as help you get approved. Step 3 – Begin your home search After our first meeting, I’ll start searching for available houses on the market that meet your needs. I’ll get a sneak peek of most of the homes and reject the bad ones, and then we’ll set up appointments to view the homes when it’s most convenient for you. As we tour the houses, I’ll show you the good features and negative ones. And I’ll ask you to point out what things you like and don’t like. Most often, buyers revise their list of must-haves as we view homes and some items become far more important than others. If that’s the case, I’ll look through the listings again and trim it down to the house you’ve been wishing for. Step 4 – Get a feel for the market My understanding...

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