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Prepping Your Home for Sale

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015

4 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale De-Personalize Limit your personal pictures and family heirlooms. Don’t distract buyers with personal artifacts. You want the buyer imagine their items in the house and to be able to say, “I can see myself living here.” Organize Cabinets, Closets and Drawers Make sure you have Tupperware bowls neatly stacked in cabinets. The buyer will be opening cabinets and you don’t want your plastic ware falling out. Clean up the spices! Neatly store all of your spices on a rack or on a shelf you can insert in the cabinet. Cleaning your refrigerator, stove and dishwasher is a must, especially if you are leaving the appliances. Closets, make sure everything is hung and shoes are lined up. Stack boxes neatly. De-clutter your junk drawer. Buyers want to know everything about the storage spaces. Make Minor Repairs Make small repairs around the house: Touch up paint Replace cracked tiles Patch holes in the walls Change burned-out light bulbs Make sure all knobs and handles are on cabinets and doors Fix any kind of leaky faucets Repair doors/door knobs that do not work properly Tone down the colors (You may love your kid’s hot pink room, but neutral colors will appeal to a larger amount of people.) Rearrange furniture to make the room look bigger Here is one of my blogs about selecting paints to help sell your house. https://debraburgessrealty.com/interior-paint-colors-that-help-sell-your-home/ Deep Clean Windows Showers, sinks and toilets Vacuum Daily Dust EVERYTHING including ceiling fans Eliminate bad odors. Take out trash and keep littler boxes extremely clean. Keep counters clean and clutter free Replace worn out rugs Check Curb Appeal Follow the 20 second rule. You want your buyer to love your house within 20 seconds. You can do so by making sure your exterior is in tip top shape. I have a two helpful blogs on my website. Curb Appealing Home – https://debraburgessrealty.com/10-tips-curb-appealing-home/ Staging Your House – https://debraburgessrealty.com/getting-ready-for-open-house/   Source Sited: Debra Burgess Realty Blogs http://lifehacker.com/the-easiest-cheapest-ways-to-prep-your-home-for-a-quic-1602951130...

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