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Your Home Inspection

Posted by on Feb 14, 2019

  What home inspectors will look for when you hire them to inspect a home that you are buying or selling GROUNDS Proper grading drainage away from house. No evidence of standing water No leaks from septic tank or leech field Yard, landscaping, trees and walkways in good condition No branches or bushes touching house or overhanging the roof Exterior structures (fences, sheds, decks, retaining walls, detached garages) in good condition, no evidence of termite damage or rotted wood Railings on stairs and decks are adequate and secure Driveways, sidewalks, patios, entrance landings in good condition, and pitched away from structure Downspout drainage directed away from structure STRUCTURE Ridge and fascia board lines appear straight and level Sides of house appear straight, not bowed or sagging Window and door frames appear square (especially bowed windows) Visible foundation in good condition – appears straight, plumb, with no significant cracks EXTERIOR SURFACES Adequate clearance between ground and wood siding materials (6″ minimum); no wood-to-earth contact Siding: no cracking, curling, loose, rot or decay Masonry veneers: no cracks in joints, no broken, spalling or flaking components Stucco: no large cracks (discuss all stucco cracks with a professional inspector) Vinyl or aluminum siding: no dents, damage, no bowing or loose siding No vines on surface of structure Exterior paint or stain: no flaking or blisters No stains on exterior surfaces WINDOWS, DOORS AND WOOD TRIM Wood frames and trim pieces are secure, no cracks, rot or decay Joints around frames are caulked No broken glass (window or storm panes) or damaged screens, no broken doublepaned, insulated window seals Muntin and mullion glazing compound in good condition Storm windows or thermal glass used Drip caps installed over windows ROOF Composition shingles: no curling, no cupping, no loss of granulation particulate, no broken, damaged or missing shingles, no more than two layers of roofing Wood shingles or shakes: no mold, rot or decay, no cracked/broken/missing shingles, no curling Flat roofs: no obvious patches, no cracks or splits, minimal blisters/”alligatoring” and wrinkles, no silt deposits (indicates improper drainage), sealed tar at flashings Flashing around roof penetrations No evidence of excess roofing cement/tar/caulk Soffits and fascia: no decay, no stains Exterior venting for eave areas: vents are clean and not painted over Gutters: no decay or rust, joints sealed, attached securely to structure, no bending or sagging, no sections of gutter or downspout missing, gutters clean, no...

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January 2019 Williamson County Real Estate Market Sales Stats

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019

The average days on the market (DOM) for listings in Williamson County is up from December, and the average sales price of homes has declined slightly.  But not to worry, it has been cold outside and spring is on its way! The link (below) contains the latest real estate sales stats in Williamson County (January 2019): http://www.wcartn.org/news-releases/january-2019-market-stats?fbclid=IwAR1bAV7phUzOKe2h4OCnvc8TYyN7p1UEA86zdj1cEKfWXVJl0JWY7Y6mMIg Mortgage rates have dropped a little bit so it’s still a great time to buy or list your home!  I would love to help you so to check out current market conditions in your neighborhood click on the link below: Check Out Your Local Market Conditions: Click here for a Market...

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