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Winterizing Your Home

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013

The winter months can be beautiful in Tennessee with all the snow and icicles it’s a real winter wonderland. With all this beauty come the cold temperatures and the potential for high energy bills and busted pipes. If you take some time to look over these winterization tips you can prepare your home for the cold weather, while cutting you energy bill. 10 ways to winterize your home — now You’ll get a season’s worth of savings and peace of mind by taking a few steps in the fall to get your home ready for cold weather. By Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate So you’ve pulled your sweaters out of mothballs and found your mittens at the bottom of the coat closet. But what about your house — is it prepared for the cold months ahead? You’ll be a lot less comfortable in the coming months if you haven’t girded Home Sweet Home for Old Man Winter. With the help of several experts, we’ve boiled down your autumn to-do list to 10 easy tips: 1. Clean those gutters   Once the leaves fall, remove them and other debris from your home’s gutters — by hand, by scraper or spatula, and finally by a good hose rinse — so that winter’s rain and melting snow can drain. Clogged drains can form ice dams, in which water backs up, freezes and causes water to seep into the house, the Insurance Information Institute says. As you’re hosing out your gutters, look for leaks and misaligned pipes. Also, make sure the downspouts are carrying water away from the house’s foundation, where it could cause flooding or other water damage. “The rule of thumb is that water should be at least 10 feet away from the house,” says Michael Broili, the director of the Well Home Program for the Phinney Neighborhood Association, a nationally recognized neighborhood group in Seattle. 2. Block those leaks One of the best ways to winterize your home is to simply block obvious leaks around your house, both inside and out, experts say. The average American home has leaks that amount to a nine-square-foot hole in the wall, according to EarthWorks Group. Professional Services Top of Form Find local plumbers, electricians, contractors and more. Bottom of Form First, find the leaks: On a breezy day, walk around inside holding a lit incense stick to the most common drafty areas: recessed lighting, window...

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